Welcome to Chef Xiong!

入香随蜀是以中国四大菜系之一的川菜为特点的新派川菜, 菜色新颖,风味独特.

我们既有传统的川菜也有适合不吃辣的清淡菜品, 更有独具一心的麻辣风味, 还有地道的重庆火锅(需预定)和特色的四川风味小吃.

入香随蜀装修风格时尚, 有传统的四川山水风格, 配以现在流行的色调, 进餐环境典雅舒适, 欢迎各位宾客光临品尝.

行政主厨Chef Xiong 曾在欧洲德国工作三年, 曾接受过CNN电视台美食节目安东尼波登的专访. 主厨还接受过中国国家电视台一味一故事的采访报道:

Chef Xiong – Taste of Szechuan is a contemporary restaurant specialized in Szechuan cuisine – one of the four biggest styles of cuisine in China.

We are dedicated to provide innovative gourmet with unique flavors. Both traditional Szechuan spicy dishes and non-spicy ones can be found here, from Szechuan hotpot (reservation only) to traditional Szechuan street snacks.

Executive Chef Xiong has many years’ working experience in both China and multiple foreign countries. He was interviewed by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain during his Parts Unknown by CNN. Chef Xiong’s achievement was also reported by China Central Television and other channels.

The restaurant is designed in way to reflect the image of Szechuan geography and its culture. We are thrived to provide our customer the best dining experience with relaxed ambience, attentive service and outstanding food.